Balancing Your Metabolism 

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Hormones, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Weight Gain/Loss,
Immune System, Blood Pressure, Circulation and more…

Reset your body back to its Original Design!

Fit-150 is a Mind, Body, Qi fitness program that accelerates your evolution and guides you closer to living your potential. It teaches you how to incorporate intention with exercise in order to help you balance your metabolism, and at the same time strengthen yourself both internally and externally.

This program teaches you step by step methods for dealing with the health and fitness challenges that face us now, in our rapidly changing world. Today health and  fitness requires more than just firm muscles and a strong cardio. Those things are important, but the demands on our bodies are different than they were for our parents and grandparents. We live in a world full of ‘un-natural’ substances… chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified foods and more. And new challenges to our health seem to be growing daily. The old exercise and fitness programs weren’t designed for the problems we face today. They don’t directly address issues with metabolism. Today we need better internal fitness, not just strong muscles. Fit-150® strengthens us internally!

Fit-150 Group Bag Toss — Strengthens the hands, arms, shoulders and legs. Also improves balance, eyesight, mental acuity and glandular function. Plus it’s just sooo much fun!!!

Fit-150® is a complete Fitness Program, with it’s focus on health for the entire body. It is not a quick fix or a fad. It is a deeply powerful practice which instructs the body to heal and rebuild itself at a cellular level. The meditations and exercises in this practice work from the inside-out, helping us achieve our ideal body weight and body shape.

In Fit-150® we are taught how to correctly communicate with our body at a cellular level. Communicating directly with our cells is very important. It enables us to balance our metabolism, and strengthen our mind, body and energy from the ground up. A balanced metabolism is the key to true fitness. It what’s needed for health and vitality.

The exercises and movements taught in Fit-150® were designed so that we can use them for the rest of our life. Age and current level of fitness are not important. Fit-150® is designed to work for everyone. It incorporates unique meditations and forms based on the latest scientific theories, as well as movements adapted from the eastern healing arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Fit-150® is designed to be easy to understand, simple to learn and convenient to practice.


A Balanced Metabolism and Genetics

In Fit-150® we harness the power of the mind, through intention, and incorporate this into the exercises, forms and meditations which make up the practice. We learn how to create lifelong youthfulness by tapping into and activating the signals from Nature’s Original Blueprint. Each of our cells carry these signals. Current *scientific research (*see links in the bottom right column) has shown that our health and well-being are not predetermined by genetics. In other words, our destiny is not a fixed outcome based on the genetics of our family of origin. Genetic outcomes are potentials, and there are many different potentials which can be activated. Through the practice of Fit-150® we learn to consciously activate the signals (potential) which lead us to a health and vitality. These signals are messages that communicate to the genes (blueprints within the cells) at a sub-conscious level. As we activate these signals we are cultivating the ability to engage in communication with our body at a cellular level. Through this process we come into greater alignment with nature, and balance our metabolism naturally. The practice of Fit-150® enables us to create a profound level of health and vitality in our life today, and every day, for as long as we live.

Ideal Metabolism- Ideal Weight® is a Fit-150® program which was designed to specifically address metabolism issues we face today. Click here for information about an Ideal Metabolism – Ideal Weight® class near you.


Fit-150® Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to Create a Global Revolution in Health, Fitness and Human Evolution
that will help to Free the World of Sickness and Disease
by Restoring the Human Being to their Natural state of Health and Longevity
already Present in Nature’s Original Blueprint.”


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For more information click here to visit the Fit-150® National Website.

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