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Below are comments from Fit-150 students around the country. If you have comment or feedback about Fit-150 please leave it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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  1. Z C, Austin TX says:

    Hi Tim,

    GREAT class last night. I felt GREAT! I had lots of energy
    and a great sense of ‘well-being’. It was nice to feel that.
    I don’t remember the last time I felt that much ease and
    vitality and wellness at the same time.

    I am looking forward to my daily shakes/taps and to learning
    new info in future classes!

    Thanks again so much. :)

  2. Lester S., Austin TX says:

    I knew my metabolism had improved after only one week as my waistline shrunk one inch and I had less intestinal gas. After 2 weeks I noticed that my appetite was adjusting with fewer food cravings plus it became easier to continue with my goal of eating two meals a day.

  3. Terri Hallenbeck, Events Manager, Longhorn Village, Austin TX says:

    Fit-150® is highly effective and different from any other program out there. In only a few weeks many of our seniors lost weight, brought their blood pressure down, stress levels down and even decreased some of their medications. Diabetics reported decreases in insulin use and one resident reported coming completely off a diuretic and half off blood pressure medication after just 4 weeks into the program. The seniors also experienced more flexibility, better balance and a feeling of well-being and harmony in the body.

    We feel that just about anyone could benefit from this program. However, it is well suited to seniors as the exercises are easy and fun to do. Furthermore, it seems that the program is having a transformational effect on our residents. As they continue to do Fit-150®, it is creating a sense of wellbeing, happiness and camaraderie among the participants. This creates a benefit to everyone at Longhorn Village as the joy from the program spreads from them to all those around them.

    We highly recommend Fit-150® . If you are a senior living community this is a “Must Have” for your residents!

    Terri Hallenbeck
    Concierge and Events Manager
    Longhorn Village
    12501 Longhorn Parkway
    Austin, Texas 78732

  4. K. W., Iowa says:

    “It stopped my hot flashes. I think this is an exceptional program, the best investment for health and well being.”

  5. Rebecca L. Austin, Texas says:

    “Thanks for the class Saturday. It was great. I definetely feel more energetic. The daily emails help a lot to keep me focused as well on the practice.”

  6. Pat R., Wimberley, Texas says:

    “After doing Fit -150 daily for the past two weeks, I’ve noticed more flexibility and strength in my hips which had started to give me some challenges. I can even go from standing to sitting again without using my hands—-something I had previously decided I could no longer do on the basis of how my hips felt. I’m really impressed with seeing these results so early on into the Fit -150 training. This is an excellent program and I highly recommend it. It’s also really fun to do!”

  7. R.H., Austin, TX says:

    “it’s more powerful than it appears… Tapping puts me right back where my energy was when I had to stop qi gong Amazing!!!!.”

  8. S.E., Austin, TX says:

    “This class has allowed a new direction to emerge within me. It is a powerful Gift.”

  9. J.H., Salt Spring Island, BC says:

    “I love the fact that we do exercises for various functions of the body and that these exercises aren’t offered by anyone else.”

  10. R. F., Austin, TX says:

    “Thank you for helping us to get this transformative practice.”

  11. M. T., Austin, TX says:

    “I feel more vibrant. My strength, flexibility and overall feeling of wellbeing is much greater.”

  12. M. M., Fairfield, IA says:

    “I lost 2.5 inches around my waist.”

  13. S.D., Phoenix, AZ says:

    “Fit -150 is easy & fun to do. It fits smoothly into my everyday life. It makes sense.”

  14. M I. A., Fairfield, IA says:

    “I now have greater lung capacity. Greater endurance and weight loss are the biggest changes, but also greater hand eye coordination, more flexibility of spine, shoulders, neck, legs and hips. I also have more strength in my hands and arms.”

  15. L.L. Fairfield, IA says:

    “I am reading small print more easily. I have a better outlook on life, my health and future – my longevity. I feel younger and more flexible.”

  16. T. Mortenson, Salt Spring Island, B.C. says:

    “We feel better. We enjoy the classes. The instructions for the exercises are descriptive and the instructor is not “pushy”, i.e. the students are respected for their limitations. The instructor has a very good command of the exercises and a good sense of humor.”

  17. F. A., Phoenix, AZ says:

    “I’ve dropped two sizes.”

  18. W. W., Fairfield, IA says:

    “I have an increased feeling of well being, increased coordination and reaction time. My vision is better and I am feeling clean inside from the organ and heart practice. I am thankful for having the availability of this program in my life. Thank you, Dr. Zhang.”

  19. K. H. Fairfield, IA says:

    “I have more flexibility, greater balance and more energy. I also notice that I prefer reading without my glasses. I am grateful.”

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