Fit-150 LogoFit-150® is the next evolution in ‘fitness’ and ‘exercise’. In Fit-150® we do much more than just get a good workout. In Fit-150® we harness the power of the mind, through intention, and incorporate this into the exercises, forms and meditations which make up the practice. We learn how to create the feeling of lifelong youthfulness by tapping into, and activating the signals from Nature’s Original Blueprint. In this practice we learn to communicate directly with our cells. It is in our cells where the signals from Nature are stored. And it is in these signals where the keys to better health can be found and activated.


Current *scientific research (*see links in the bottom right column) has shown that our health and well-being are not predetermined by genetics. In other words, our destiny is not a fixed outcome based on the genetics of our family of origin. Genetic outcomes are potentials. And for most of us these potentials do become our reality, because we fail to choose something else. Our inherited genetics are very similar to ‘default programs’ that are set to run in us automatically, unless another option is activated. The good news is, there are many options and many different potentials which can be activated. Through the practice of Fit-150® we learn to consciously activate the signals (potential) which lead us to health and vitality. These signals are the messengers that communicate directly to our genes (blueprints within the cells) at a sub-conscious level. As we activate these signals, we cultivate the ability to engage in communication with our body at a cellular level. Good cellular communication is crucial for health and longevity. Through this process of improving our internal communications we come into greater alignment with nature, and balance our metabolism naturally. The practice of Fit-150® enables us to create a profound level of health and vitality in our life today, and every day, for as long as we live.

In additions to keeping your body functioning at high level your entire life, Fit-150® is also like general tonic for whatever ails you. It is especially helpful for those who are suffering with problems like: Diabetes, Weight Gain/Loss, Joint and Muscle Pain, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Imbalances, Thyroid Imbalances, Low Energy, Mood Imbalances – Stress, Worry, Negativity and Mental Fogginess, and more.

Accelerate your evolution and start Living your Potential!