Taken on 11-2-13

Taken on 11-2-13

Tim Chrisco

Hi my name is Tim Chrisco. I grew up in Austin and have lived in this part of the world the majority of my life. I had always had a strong interest in health and fitness, but it wasn’t until I reached my late 30s that I became began to investigate alternative medicine as viable option for handling any problems that I might have arise.

As I write this it is the fall of 2012 and I’m guessing it has been at least 15 years since I have visited an allopathic doctor (except for some stitches I had a for some cuts). My health has improved to the point that minor problems like flues and colds just don’t ever seem to ever bother me anymore. I’m 58 years old and I can honestly say that in many ways I’m stronger and more flexible today than I have ever been in my whole adult life.

The secret to all this health and wellness stuff is really no secret at all. I owe my wellbeing to The Qi (life force). In 1996 I began practicing Jingui Qi Gong under the guidance of Dr. Dongxun Zhang. I became a Jingui instructor in 1998. I can easily say, without a doubt that Jingui Qi Gong changed my life. It is the most powerful thing that I have ever experienced. The transformations that have occurred in my system through this practice cannot be put into words.

In addition to Qi Gong, I also become a certified Fit-150® instructor in spring of 2008. Dr. Dongxun Zhang is the creator of this system. As highly as I speak of Qi Gong, I can’t say anything less about Fit-150®. The depth of this practice, and the power it has is incredible. It’s my belief that Fit-150® will eventually become the model that most people around the world will use as their daily health practice.

Both Qi Gong and Fit-150® offer a path which leads to health and longevity. Both compliment each other exquisitely. Fit-150® is in my opinion the better starting point for the vast majority of people. By learning and practicing Fit-150® first, you will better prepare your system to receive the maximum benefit possible, should you decide to learn Qi Gong.

A little more background info about me… Before beginning my Qi Gong and Fit-150® practices I studied NLP with Jonathan and Andrea Rice here in Austin. I received a Masters and Post Masters in NLP. Prior to my studies in NLP I attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I graduated from Texas Tech in the fall of 1979 with a BBA in Marketing. In the summer of 2010 I became a Certified Yuen Practitioner. Some of my latest studies include that of Posture Therapy, which is the study of posture and it’s relationship to joint and muscle pain. I received my PAS I certification from Egoscue University in the winter of 2010. And in order to compliment my Posture Training, as of November of 2012 I have completed massage training at A New Beginning School of Massage here in Austin. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a Certified Posture Therapist.