Make Your Future

What is Fit-150


Why was it created

Fit-150 was created by Dr. Dong X. Zhang in order to help his patients prevent health problems as well as help them heal and maintain a higher quality lifestyle. He takes generations of Qi Gong experience and presents it in easy to learn and effect exercises that can benefit everyone. His students include families with children as young as 6, parents, grandparents, and even athletes. 


How is it different

Fit-150 does not focus on the outward appearance of your body. It concern more with the functionality of your body. Including vision, hearing, cardio, respiratory and many more. Fit-150 program is designed to extend all the vital functions of the body for the longest time.   


Mind and body

This program view all exercise as a type of controlled external stimulation for the human body. Because our functions are evolved in response to the requirements from our environment by our ancestors and passed down in the form of DNA we can stimulation and encourage certain reactions through exercise. But our bodies do not just respond to stimulation like lower lifeforms. Humans possess powerful tools of interpretation and projection in the form of our intelligence.  Our mind can help our body anticipate and respond most effectively due to current and future needs. Fit-150 take full advantage of this relationship to maximize physical change with the most simple and easy exercise that does not lead to deterioration.  


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